Seoul International Book Fair 2013

The Seoul International Book Fair is the largest event of its kind in Korea. As an international book fair, the event is attended by publishing companies from countries such as France, Germany, the United States, and China. The Fair showcases books in all formats, sideline merchandise and other non-book products. SIBF provided visitors a chance to read electronic books through Kyobo E-book reader, Apple New iPad, and Amazon Kindle etc. The world’s renowned publishers will demonstrate their products and services to foster their brands as well as establish their position across global markets. The attendees will explore a wide range of books which will cover all the relevant information of world. It is especially designed event for those who are passionate for books and interested in discovering new collection. Seoul International Book Fair will provide complete knowledge of publishing industry and also provide innovate strategies helpful for expanding and growing business. It will also be including educational programs to widen the knowledge of participants. A full range of products and services, educational programs, and networking opportunities make this a must-attend event for industry professionals and authors.