LIANZA Conference 2014

LIANZA works for library and information professionals in New Zealand Aotearoa by building communities, providing professional development services and representing their professional interests. LIANZA works with library and information organisations to advocate for and support the delivery of library and information services that are vital to the economic, cultural and social well being of New Zealand Aotearoa. LIANZA Conferences are a forum for the library and information profession and its services; an opportunity to introduce new ideas, methods, systems and services; reflective of the LIANZA’s bicultural commitment; an opportunity to publicise successful services; an occasion for related vendor exhibitors to promote their products and meet a large number of library and information service providers; the time for the LIANZA AGM; the time for SIG AGMs and seminars; an opportunity to share experiences, develop networks and mix socially; income generating – conference surpluses are an important part of the total LIANZA income. Conference profit is essential for maintaining low membership fees.