AMIA Annual Symposium 2011

The AMIA Annual Symposium is the world’s most comprehensive annual meeting on biomedical and health informatics. The Annual Symposium provides a wide range of formats for education and discussion. Papers and posters present peer-reviewed state-of-the-art scientific and technical work. Demonstrations and Partnerships in Innovation allow for comprehensive presentation of advanced systems, including new developments and innovative uses of commercial systems. Panels, keynote presentations, tutorials, and workshops bring together thought leaders for in-depth and active audience exchange about critical issues of the day.

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AMIA’s Annual Symposium flourishes as the premier educational forum in clinical informatics, clinical research informatics, public health informatics, and translational bioinformatics. It attracts an impressive network of informatics experts spanning the spectrum of informatics foundations and applications, and is comprised of professionals and students from an array of occupational settings—academic institutions, community-based organizations, government agencies, the military, health care and research facilities, industry, international health, and private practice.