Library Automation

Automation Solutions

They include:

  • Library automation solutions
  • Library security and materials flow equipment including RFID and book sorters
  • Union catalogues of books and serials
  • Anti-plagiarism services for schools and universities and publishers

iGroup (Asia Pacific) is a leading library technology developer and distributor of RFID solutions. iGroup delivers customized security solutions to minimize the loss of library assets.

Using the very latest RFID technology, iGroup also offers automated check-in and check-out of public collections, simplifying use of the library for patrons and saving time for librarians.

Fragile, valuable and in-demand materials get a new lease of life with digital technology.  iGroup works with industry leaders to offer a complete digitization solution. Industry-leading scanning hardware and software solutions enable librarians to digitize their content for the long haul.

Managing library collections has been a specialism of iGroup for many years. The iGroup provides multilingual library automation system designed specifically for managing collections – bibliographic records as well as multimedia files and internet resources. It uses the latest web, Windows and database management technology. It is a fully integrated information management system, supporting all library functions needed by a modern library.

Academic Plagiarism Detector


iGroup works with educators and librarians to give students the feedback they need to develop critical thinking and writing skills. Turnitin from iParadigms integrates plagiarism prevention, paperless grading and peer review. Students can quickly self-check the originality of their work, give and receive peer feedback, and respond to teacher’s mark-ups. The result is a more meaningful learning experience.


Plagiarism is also a worrying issue for publishers and researchers. iThenticate, also from iParadigms, checks manuscripts against billions of online pages. It can quickly identify source material that has been copied or paraphrased or inadequately referenced.

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