In Asia, iGroup Press (Bangkok) publishes travel and cultural guides, cookery books and phrasebooks, reprints in English of scientific, technical and medical/nursing textbooks, and translations in Chinese and Thai of selected scientific titles.

In the US, Business Expert Press (New York City) – – publishes reliable, applied and concise books, in both print and electronic formats for business students and professionals, and as eBook collections for academic libraries.

Momentum Press (New York City) – – publishes monographs in mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and manufacturing automation and controls in both print and electronic formats for professionals, and as an eBook collection for academic libraries.

The iGroup companies in Asia and major wholesalers and retailers distribute iGroup Press, Business Expert Press and Momentum Press publications globally.  eBooks are available for individual download through the iGroup eBookstore ( ), the publishers’ websites, and through eReader platforms such as Amazon Kindle, iBook and Sony.

iG Publishing (Singapore) – – publishes the complete eBook collections for Business Expert Press, Momentum Press and a growing number of US and European publishers for academic and corporate libraries worldwide.

Book & Journal Marketing and Distribution

The iGroup companies represent US and European English language scientific, technical and medical book publishers in the Asia Pacific region. In all countries we have an active direct promotion programme to academic libraries and to specific university departments and lecturers for textbook adoptions. Print journal subscriptions are also a significant part of our business with academic libraries throughout the region.

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