Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Services: The Power of Productivity Tools in Libraries and Academic Content Usage

Good productivity tools ease the burden of users and increase efficiency in daily tasks. Such tools also enable library to provide streamlined services to its users, plus boost up usage of academic contents.

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Binumi is a unique video platform that empowers individuals and businesses of any size to take control of their communication by providing the tools to unlock, create and share compelling stories that can build opportunity and growth for their business.
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BSD Education

Education solution (software, curriculum, and training) that integrates technology curriculum including coding into all subjects.
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Learn Social

Learn Social platform integrates everyday communication tools and peer review into your English courses. Whenever students have to complete a speaking or writing exercise, they first submit their work to their Study Group for review.
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Morressier’s tools help you handle the entire workflow, from managing abstracts to presenting content on-site. Maximize the efficiency and impact of every step, from publishing a call for abstracts to sharing the posters and presentations from your conference and monitoring their impact.
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MyLOFT is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like! A single app that allows you to access, organize, share, and read offline all of your e-contents, anytime, anywhere.
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RemoteXs has an ability to provide secured access to scattered eResources of the institution, bringing them under one umbrella, along with subscribed eJournals, eBooks and all other eContent, that too anytime …from anywhere.
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