iGroup partners with Hindawi in Asia and Oceania

Hong Kong, 12 July 2017. iGroup is partnering with Hindawi Limited, one of the largest fully open access publishers. Effective immediately all of Asia and Oceania will be covered by iGroup.

“iGroup aims to lead the change in open access publishing in the region,” says Mr. Pote Lee, the founder and CEO of iGroup. “We are very glad to partner with Hindawi. iGroup will support and promote Hindawi’s services to universities in  Asia and Oceania, and help the local publishers to transition into open access.”

“Asia is a very important market for Hindawi, so we’re delighted to be putting more resources into supporting it more robustly. iGroup bring significant knowledge and experience of this region, together with their ability to provide local operational support. We are very excited to be partnering with such an established and respected organization,” says Richard Bennett, Commercial Director of Hindawi. “We look forward to driving the continued uptake of open access across the region, as well as offering key support to institutions, publishers and societies interested in taking control of their open access activities.”

About iGroup:

iGroup is a one-stop shop for professional information solutions and technologies. With a focus on the knowledge management and information industry, iGroup provides a full spectrum of related products and services with localized support that cater to the needs of librarians, students, academics, educators, publishers, scientists and research professionals. More about iGroup:

About Hindawi:

Hindawi Limited is a publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. Founded in 1997, Hindawi employs more than 700 people in its Cairo and London offices and publishes more than 20,000 open access articles per year. More about Hindawi:


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iGroup partners with Knowledge Unlatched in Asia and Oceania

(27 June 2017, Hong Kong) iGroup is partnering with Knowledge Unlatched (KU), a global initiative in which publishers and libraries collaborate to make books from the Humanities and Social Sciences freely available to readers around the world. Effective immediately all of Asia and Oceania will be covered by iGroup.

“KU is the leading initiative in the Open Access space,” says Mr. Pote Lee, the founder and CEO of iGroup. “We are very glad to support and promote Knowledge Unlatched. It is an opportunity for us to work in the field of Open Access as well.”

“We are pleased that iGroup is supporting the Knowledge Unlatched team to promote Open Access for Humanities and Social Sciences monographs, journals, and services in Asia – one of the vibrant parts of the world regarding Open Access,” says Sven Fund, Managing Director of Knowledge Unlatched.

Knowledge Unlatched has just started its latest pledging period and aims at unlatching 350 monographs and 21 journals as well as supporting Language Science Press.

About iGroup:

iGroup is a one-stop shop for professional information solutions and technologies. With a focus on the knowledge management and information industry, iGroup provides a full spectrum of related products and services with localized support that cater to the needs of librarians, students, academics, educators, publishers, scientists and research professionals. More about iGroup:

About Knowledge Unlatched:

Knowledge Unlatched is the largest independent Open Access initiative worldwide. KU brings together libraries who collaboratively pool funds to make Open Access possible. By now, more than 450 titles were made publicly available with more than 300 books and journals being on offer in the current pledging period, KU Select 2017. More about KU:

1science appoints iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd as its sales agent in Asia Pacific

Agreement expands representation of 1science’s Analytics and SaaS Solution for OA in universities and college libraries

(21 September 2016, Montreal) 1science today announces the appointment of theiGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. as its sales agent in the Southeast Asia, Far East and Australasia academic market. The iGroup will be responsible for the sales of the 1science Analytics and SaaS Solution for OA, which facilitates the use of open access articles, improves subscriptions management, and enhances scholarly and scientific production visibility.

This agreement will expand 1science’s market visibility and presence in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, where all sales and inquiries will be handled by the iGroup.

The agreement covers the oaFindr System as a Service, which offers a fast growing collection of more than 20 million metadata records and hyperlinks to full-text scholarly and scientific papers, all published in peer-reviewed journals. A second product built on top of oaFindr, the oaFindr+ SaaS, helps librarians find green, gold and hybrid open access papers published by their institution’s researchers in peer-reviewed journals, wherever they are archived on the internet. As for analytics, iGroup will sell oaFigr, which provides cost-effective insight into scholarly communication and scientific production and supports evidence-based journal subscription management.

“We are pleased to partner with iGroup to further the development of open access in the Asia–Pacific region, as it is the fastest growing market in the world,” says 1science CEO Eric Archambault. “We have great confidence in their extensive knowledge of the sophisticated markets in the region, and also in their ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients.”

“As libraries, publishers and researchers embrace open access in the Asia–Pacific region, tools are needed to manage the process,” says the Chairman of the iGroup, Pote Lee. “Universities throughout the region are keen to increase the visibility and impact of their research and to discover and make widely available the publications of faculty and students. Working with 1science, the iGroup is delighted to offer their well-designed solutions to achieve these goals.”

About iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

The iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is a leading technology and information provider, with offices in 14 countries in the Asia–Pacific region. Employing more than 1,000 staff and serving more than 2,000 customers, the iGroup represents top peer-reviewed journals and eBooks from major publishers, and provides workflow solutions to libraries and researchers.

About 1science

1science produces the Analytics and SaaS Solution for open access that offers librarians and researchers cost-effective products to facilitate the acquisition and diffusion of open access articles. 1science is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is affiliated with Science-Metrix, the world expert in bibliometrics and the evaluation of knowledge production.

For Asia-Pacific enquiries contact

For media enquiries contact  Eric Archambault, President and CEO, 1science,

ExamSoft announces partnership with iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd

(1 August 2016, Dallas, Texas) ExamSoft Worldwide, an embedded-assessment software company based in Dallas, Texas, has partnered with the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd to bring its leading testing analytics platform to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to provide academic support to leading educational institutions.

ExamSoft’s unique assessment software not only enables academic institutions to deliver secure, offline exams to students, but also provides educators with valuable student performance data and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions on student remediation and curricular revision to assist with overall institutional improvement.

Many of the programs utilizing ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment tools have seen growth in student achievement and retention rates, lowered programmatic costs, and increased faculty/student satisfaction. This track record of success has helped the company grow worldwide, resulting in increased demand in APAC from institutions looking to better prepare students for a global economy and increase their competitive edge.

“Increased regional demand had us looking for a partner who would represent us well, and the iGroup was a natural selection for this relationship,” said ExamSoft CEO Sebastian Vos. “Its established reputation for excellence within the Asia-Pacific education market brings the localized voice, market experience, and support needed by educational institutions in the region. Moving into a new region comes with new challenges and obstacles. iGroup will be the catalyst to ensure this initiative is successful. Our goal is to ensure educational leaders in the APAC region know who we are and how we can help them achieve their academic goals. iGroup will help us spread that message in a more consistent and substantial way.”

With iGroup acting in both a training and support role on ExamSoft’s behalf, it will in many respects be the face of the company within the region.

“With our partnership, ExamSoft will receive top-tier localized support from our regional offices in an effort to establish its presence in crucial Asian markets. iGroup is eager to share this premier technology with our extensive educational connections,” said Pote N. Lee, CEO of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. “We are very enthusiastic to provide leading technologies to educators across the world, and ExamSoft is a tremendous addition to our portfolio.”

About ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

ExamSoft provides a scalable and flexible assessment software that gives educators actionable outcomes data and insights to improve student learning and academic achievement. Its embedded-assessment platform provides the data faculty and administrators need to more efficiently administer direct assessments and analyze resulting data to improve curricular design, test design, and accreditation compliance. ExamSoft has served more than a thousand prominent academic, certification, and licensing institutions for more than 17 years and has successfully administered millions of exams.  Visit ExamSoft Worldwide here:

About iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd

Employing in excess of 1,000 staff and serving more than 2,000 institutional customers region-wide, iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd currently operates in 16 countries and counting. A “one-stop” shop for information products and library technologies, its customer base spans academic institutions and libraries, and healthcare, government, research and corporate markets.

Visit the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd here:

Contact Lim Ching, Product Manager, here:

iGroup invests S$2M in education start-up

(25 July 2016, Singapore) iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd, a leading provider of research information resources and library technologies has partnered Tueetor Pte Ltd, a technology start-up in Singapore, to launch the world’s first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform.

Focusing on the private tuition market for a start, the company aims to address 2 pain points many parents face in their children’s education: affordability and accessibility.

“Unlike yesteryears, private tuition today is no longer considered a luxury,” said Mr. Tan Han Sing, Tueetor’s Executive Director based in Singapore. “It is a supplement that helps students stay ‘in line’. This is especially so in our ultra-competitive Asian societies. And according to the figures by Forbes, North America and Europe are catching up too.”

In essence, Tueetor is a free, online marketplace that matches learners and trainers based on a set of criteria they submit – subject, level, qualification, teaching experience, rate/budget; preferred time and location – automatically, 24×7. Users get notified instantly on the positive outcome, and decide if they should “continue shopping”, or contact the candidates – direct or via its built-in messaging platform. No human is involved in the end-to-end matching process, ensuring 100% confidentiality and neutrality. Learners may also rely on its authenticated review system to help make informed decisions.

No middleman, no waiting time, no referral fees.

“Tueetor automates the 5 manual chores of a course broker – document, filter, select, engage and review – allowing both learners and trainers to find each other better and quicker. Users are totally in control of their subject preferences, from qualification to fee to location, thereby creating choices and flexibility.” added Mr. Tan. “The end result: more affordable and accessible education. And by education, we do not mean just academic ones. Users interested in teaching or learning language, sports, arts, music, dance; providing or receiving care for special needs children, will also find the same benefits if not more, connecting to each other on Tueetor.”

In the next 2 years, Tueetor plans to move into other Asia Pacific markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and more cities in China. It has also set its sight on Japan and South Korea – the world’s largest private education market by value. A mobile app, available in both iOS and Android, will also be launched in the next 3 months, providing additional thrust to the expansion drive.

Tueetor’s vision: “To be the world’s number 1 course broker – minus the broker.”

When asked why he invested in Tueetor, Mr. Pote Lee, founder of iGroup based in Thailand, said, “We believe in education, particularly in how it shapes individuals and societies for the better. Tueetor lowers the cost and technological barrier involved in broadcasting one’s educational offers and needs. People may now pursue skills, knowledge that improves the quality of their lives, and the lives of others – faster, easier. It’s crowdsourcing at its best.”

Speaking passionately at one of his fine dining restaurants: Water Library in Bangkok, Mr. Lee – both a well respected business leader and philanthropist in the local community – is confident that Tueetor will take us one step closer to that reality. “We have in place certification, bursary and scholarship programs to better our odds. We hope to produce more athletes, artists, musicians, scientists – thinkers and doers that make a positive difference in our society. And as a corporate citizen, nothing gives us greater pleasure than giving back to the very society that has made our business possible.”

Tueetor™ is accessible 24×7, absolutely free at It will be launched progressively in the 16 countries iGroup operates. If you are interested in bringing Tueetor to your community, or integrate Tueetor technology in any way, you may contact its media representative listed below.

Mr. Pote Lee (right) and Mr. Tan Han Sing, seen here after the agreement signing ceremony at Water Library, Bangkok.

About iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd

Employing in excess of 1,000 staff and serving more than 2,000 institutional customers region-wide, iGroup (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd currently operates in 16 countries, and counting.  A “one-stop” shop for information products and library technologies, its customer base spans academic institutions and libraries, to healthcare, government, research and corporate markets.

For additional information, please contact Tan Han Sing at +65 97628733 or

Pote Lee, Founder of the iGroup and LPixel form a Joint Venture for Image Analysis

(May 3, 2016, Hong Kong) Mr. Pote Lee, founder of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is pleased to announce a joint venture with LPixel, the developer of groundbreaking image analysis technology and services with a special focus on image plagiarism.

The LPixel team has led the world as a pioneer of video and image analysis in the life sciences at the University of Tokyo, since 2000.

LPixel has a world best track record on the development of image processing software to meet the needs of researchers, publishers and others. The research image service detects image manipulation and plagiarism in research papers, as well as facilitating the analysis of plant growth, motion analysis and three dimensional image measurements.

“LPixel speeds up detection of image manipulation and plagiarism,” says Mr. Yuki Shimihara, CEO and Founder. “We also offer consulting, planning of the image capturing device, study of the shooting conditions, operation and maintenance of the software, and we create the reports.”

“This joint venture will open up iGroup’s global sales and marketing channels to bring LPixel’s image analysis and antiplagiarism services to a world-wide audience,” says Lee. “LPixel’s technology and services are leaders in their field and will continue to expand with iGroup support.”

LPixel, Inc.

The LPixel team being a pioneer of image analysis from its inception in 2000 at the University of Tokyo is now a world leader in its field.    To develop further its technologies and services, LPixel was incorporated in 2014.  It is led by Mr. Yuki Shimihara from the Graduate School of The University of Tokyo (Life Science). The LPixel website in Japanese and English is here:

Mr.Pote Lee, founder of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

Mr Pote Lee, a Bangkok based entrepreneur, is the Chairman of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd – a leading provider of research information resources and library technologies. From the mid 1980s, Lee has grown the iGroup into a multinational company with offices in sixteen countries. The iGroup also offers antiplagiarism solutions to academia and the publishing industry. Its website is here:

The English and Japanese version of this announcement is here.

iGroup Chairman, Mr Pote Lee, addresses 123rd AIT graduation ceremony

Mr Pote Lee, the Chairman of the iGroup, was recently the guest speaker at the 123rd Graduation Ceremony 2015, of the Asian Institute of Technology’s Ph.D. and Master’s degree students.

In a warm and engaging speech, Mr Lee talks about his early life in Myanmar, his own graduation from AIT, the guiding principles of his life and work and how the iGroup has become a leading provider of research information to libraries and corporations in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Lee’s address to the fresh graduates is here.

AIT has published a transcript of Khun Lee’s speech here.