10th iGroup China Librarian Conference (IGCLC)

iGroup China Librarian Conference (IGCIC) is one of the most important events for marketing and customer relations in mainland China. IGCLC will help our publishers better understand Chinese library development and have a chance to communicate with customers directly. Since 2004, we have successfully held nine country-wide conferences. IGCLC has won high recognition among the…

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iGroup 2023 Southeast Asia Conference 2023

iGroup SEA Conference 2023 is an exceptional gathering that brings together librarians and professionals from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. With a diverse range of participants from various sectors, including corporate, government, academic, and public institutions, this event will be an enriching experience for all attendees. Our primary objective is to provide participants…

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BPSA & RPS Safe Prescribing Solutions Webinar 2: Teaching Tips for Prescribing Educators

BPSA & RPS Safe Prescribing Solutions Webinar 2: Teaching Tips for Prescribing Educators

Prescribing education and training is now an important component in the undergraduate medical curriculum. British Pharmacological Society Assessment is here to introduce the prescribing curriculum, teaching and assessment of prescribing competency. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society UK is here to share about drug formularies and checkers used in prescribing education and clinical practice. Speaker Simon Maxwell…

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BPSA & RPS Safe Prescribing Solutions Webinar 1: A Way Forward in Patient Safety

BPSA & RPS Safe Prescribing Solutions Webinar 1: A Way Forward in Patient Safety

Prescribing errors affecting patient safety is being increasingly reported and studied worldwide. British Pharmacological Society Assessment and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society UK are here to share about prescribing education, assessment, drug formularies and checkers as some solutions for better prescribing safety and patient safety. Speaker Simon Maxwell Professor Simon Maxwell MD PhD FRCP FRCPE FBPhS…

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Ovid x iGroup

Ovid Webinar – Anatomy Teaching

Join us to explore new options in Grant’s Dissector and BioDigital Human with compelling interactive video content for anatomy education. Modern video based medical education software is ideal for anatomy teaching, it offers the experience of discovering the structure of the human body without risk and in a true human scale.   Speaker Mr. Allan…

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