ProQuest: Harnessing Existing Dissertations and Theses to Expand the Discovery of Literature Reviews and Unlocking Your Research Potential for Wider Impact

Join us for the webinar “Harnessing existing dissertations and theses to expand the discovery of literature reviews and unlocking your research potential for wider impact.” This webinar is designed to support new researchers or early career researchers and academics leverage the existing dissertations and theses to enhance and accelerate their own research. Learning objectives: At…

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ProQuest: A Walkthrough on the ProQuest Administrative Module (ProQuest Platform) and LibCentral Administrative Portal (Ebook Central)

Join us for the webinar “A Walkthrough on the ProQuest Administrative Module (ProQuest Platform) and LibCentral Administrative Portal (Ebook Central)”. This webinar is designed to support the Librarians or the Library Administrators to enhance their skills using the administrative portals. In this webinar, we will showcase the effective use of database management, resources management and…

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How To Get Published With The IEEE Computer Society

We are the home to prestigious publications that deliver insights from the brightest minds in computing. Do you want to know how to get published with us? Listen while Robin Baldwin, Director of Periodicals and Special Projects, IEEE Computer Society shares her experience and tips for potential authors. Our guest speaker. Ford Lumban Gaol will…

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Incision Academy Webinar

Synopsis: Incision is an accredited online, elearning platform that is designed to give everyone access to the best surgical education available. A cross-specialty portfolio of more than 500 courses covering surgical procedures, skills and devices, explained using a validated step-by-step approach, offering users a highly visual, intuitive and progressive approach to learning. Course content is…

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ProQuest: Art of Discovering Academic Literatures Beyond Keywords to Uncover the Connections in Scholarly Work

Join us for an insightful session on discovering the academic literature and citation connections or citation networks in academic literature. This webinar is designed to guide through the initial stages of academic research. In this webinar, you will learn how to explore academic literature effectively and uncover hidden connections between various scholarly works in ProQuest…

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