CyberPatient x iGroup

CyberPatient New Partnership with iGroup which covers APAC region

CyberPatient has signed partnership agreement with iGroup. iGroup will be the authorize distributor for CyberPatient in APAC markets starting May 2022. As iGroup is one of the leading providers of information and solutions in library market which covers Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea. About CyberPatient CyberPatient Interactive Health International Ltd. (IHI) is an electronic…

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Bentham x iGroup

Bentham Science Webinar

Bentham Science Publishers, in collaboration with Research Square, is organizing a series of Webinars for the authors, reviews, editors and researchers. We welcome you to register and attend the webinars here. June Webinar Time: 14th June 2022,  5:00pm  MYT (UTC+8) Topic: How To Use a Manuscript Processing System Effectively Register NOW Time: 21st June 2022, …

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Incision Webinar x iGroup

Incision Webinar

Come join us in this upcoming webinar to learn more about Incision Academy. Incision offers access to continued surgical improvement in a scaleable way. Enhance surgical education with the help of customized learning programs. 500+ high quality videos including 2D and 3D films. 3D anatomy models.   Date: June, 16th 2022, Thursday Time: 2:00pm ID…

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IOP Publishing Academy Webinar

TOPIC: HOW TO GET YOUR ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS – Join us for a FREE WEBINAR where this talk will provide an overview of scientific publishing and how to make the most of the process for sharing your research. It will also cover the basics of peer-review, open access publishing and the role of…

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Oxford University Press Webinar

TOPIC: HOW TO PUBLISH WITH OXFORD JOURNALS –  Join our upcoming webinar to find out the process to publish journal with Oxford Journal   SESSION OBJECTIVE: 1. How to turn your thesis into an article? 2. Differences between a thesis and article? 3. How to write a manuscript 4. Types of journal manuscripts 5. How…

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