Bentham Science x iGroup

Bentham Science Webinar

Bentham Science Publishes and iGroup are collaborating to organize a Webinar for Authors, Academicians, Researchers and Students to help them with their research and publishing projects. Title of the Webinar: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Getting the Most out of Your Results, Figures and Tables. Images and figures are the windows into your…

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NEJM Education Webinar

Join us and get exclusive insights on Clinical Reasoning During Case-based Learning. With guest speaker Raja-Elie E. Abdulnour  – Lead Editor, NEJM Healer and Director, Innovation and Clinical Reasoning, NEJM Group & Nathan Stehouwer – Director, Med/Ped Consult Service, UH Cleveland Medical Center   Sign up now and get all the details: CLICK HERE In…

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Lecturio x iGroup

Lecturio Webinar (Chinese Language)

Join us for this webinar in Chinese, Dr Hwang will be sharing the application of artificial intelligence in education. Dr. Hwang has published nearly 800 academic articles, including more than 400 papers published in SSCI journals. 請在這裡註冊: 點擊這裡 講座介紹 雖然人工智慧的研究和開發已經有一段時間了,但最近其應用能力和公眾對它的興趣呈指數級增長。醫學和醫療教育領域一直是人工智慧被預測會產生巨大影響的領域之一。 加入我們,瞭解什麼是人工智慧,它的發 展趨勢,並學習如何將其應用於醫學教育 (普遍的醫學教育以及如 Lecturio的教育平臺)。   演講人 黃國禎教授 國立臺灣科技大學講座教授在SCOPUS Q1的三個期刊中擔任主編榮獲多個獎項,包括由臺灣國家科技委員會頒發的著名的傑出研究員獎。撰寫了800多篇研究報告,其中400多篇發表在SSCI期刊上。   講座日期、时间 2023年5月23日 14:00 – 15:30 (UTC/GMT…

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CRU Partnership with iGroup

CRU partners with iGroup to enable research and education professionals to utilise its intelligence New partnership will enable CRU to offer its world class data and intelligence to academics, governments and corporates in the Asia Pacific region London, Singapore 27 March 2023 – CRU Group (‘CRU’), the global commodities business intelligence company, has announced a…

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Lecturio x iGroup

Lecturio New Partnership with iGroup which covers APAC region

iGroup has signed a new partnership agreement with Lecturio to support the distribution of Lecturio products to APAC markets which covers China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Achieve Mastery of Medical & Nursing Concepts About Lecturio Lecturio mission is to provide students and faculty with the best learning tools,…

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